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Wednesdays in Lent 2017: The Hills of Lent Wednesdays in Lent 2017: The Hills of Lent

Mountain Top Experiences on the Pilgrimage of Faith Every Wednesday during Lent we will examine mountains in Scripture. March 1: At Mt. Moriah faith is tested and strengthened with the assurance that “The Lord Himself will provide a lamb.” March 8: At Mt. Sinai God our Savior continues to direct us on our journey to the Promised Land. March... [Read more]

Sundays in Lent 2017: At the Crossroads Sundays in Lent 2017: At the Crossroads

Join us for “At the Crossroads,” a special series of services for the Sundays in Lent this year. Each service in the series reveals in some way how Christ and his cross lead us to decide the path of God’s will in our many crossroads in life. March 5   Confession March 12  Betrayal March 19  Judgment March 26  Compassion April... [Read more]

Work Days at Grace Work Days at Grace

We had about 15 show up for our work day on February 11 and got a lot done. Thanks to all who helped! We still have more projects, so we have another work day scheduled for March 18. We will begin at 9:00 a.m. and work into the afternoon. Lunch will be provided. We have a variety of items, with both indoor and outdoor projects.   Projects... [Read more]

Grace 75th Anniversary Grace 75th Anniversary

What is coming is better than what is gone! Our Congregation is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year! We are planning four special events throughout the year to help us not only remember God’s blessings upon us in the past, but to think about how we can serve God and this community in the future.  Our first activity will be on February... [Read more]

Remind App Remind App

In an effort to share information with our members in a timely manner, we are using Remind. This is used by schools to share information with parents. If you would like to receive messages about things going on here at Grace, you can sign up through this link: You can join as many classes as you wish by using the... [Read more]

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